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Miraist’s Corporate Service Lineup

Miraist help you find the best solutions for your business.

Network, Server

Indian Engineer – Trial Remote SES

You can decide to officially hire by looking at how an engineer works in the first 6 months with SES contract. When hiring foreign IT engineers, you can reduce the risk of hiring at a reasonable price.

IT Recruitment Serivice

IT/Web Engineer Recruitment Service

We help you hire outstanding foreign engineers such as web/software developer, bridge SE, project manager and mechanic engineer in Japan. Our talent database has a lot of intelligent talents who can support your business growth.

Training and Retention Service

Training and Retention Service

Miraist support your foreign employees to be proactive in their work so that they can play an active role in your company. We aim to awake foreigners’ potential and work stably in your organization by giving wide range advice from hiring to training and retention.

Indian Business Consulting

Business Consulting for Indian Business

We can support your Indian business by providing a business planning, company establishment, management advisory, and HR consulting. In collaboration with our group company, Miraist Private Limited, an Indian corporation, we will provide generous support from both Japan and India.

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