Business Consulting
for Indian Business

Do your business have following challenges?

No Knowledge

It’s difficult for your company to get realistic and trust information about Indian market and low.

Low Growth

Local operations and marketing are not working well and your Indian business is not growing as planned.

Many Risk

It’s difficult for your company to manage risks in India such as taxation, accounting and labor low.

Miraist Japan

Miraist Japan
Indian Business Consulting

We support your Indian business with business records in India and general management in a wide range of fields such as accounting, taxation, human resources, and labor.

Three Features of Our Service

Indian Business Consulting Feature 1

Rich Credentials in India

We create the best solutions by Miraist group where knows real experience/cases and has support record in India.

Indian Business Consulting Feature 2

Reliable Local Rescource

We offer reliable support by our consultants in India who has been a consultant for the UN and the government of India.

Indian Business Consulting Feature 3

One-Stop Support

We have a tie-up with an Indian accounting company managed by Japanese, and we can provide one-stop support for accounting, taxation, personnel labor, and recruitment.

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