Training & Retention Consulting
for Foreigners

Do your business have following challenges?

Low Engagement

Even if your carefully hire and train foreign employees with long time, they don’t work for long time.

Low Growth

It’s difficult for foreign employees to understand what you teach because of different cultural background and language.

No Knowledge

Your company doesn’t have knowledge and skills that foreign employees can work actively and happily.

Miraist Japan

Miraist Japan
Training & Retention Service

Miraist support your foreign employees to be proactive in their work. We aim to awake foreigners’ potential and work stably in your organization by giving wide range advice from hiring to training and retention.

Three Features of Our Service

Training & Retention Consulting Feature 1

Rich Consulting Records

We have worked on recruitment/ HR consulting business in India. We create solutions based on our track record.

Training & Retention Consulting Feature 2

Utilize the Successful Case

We create solutions based on the rich records of diversity management in terms of foreign national hiring.

Training & Retention Consulting Feature 3

Hybrid Management Style

We aim to create a “Hybrid Management Style” by figuring out the advantages of both the Japanese and the international way.

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